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Death to Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!! When satire is more accurate than it should be

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Babylon Bee is at its best when we are at our worst

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Content warning: It's about to get preachy up in here.

The Babylon Bee, the world's "trusted source for Christian news satire," always has a boatload of clever (or at least clever-ish) headlines. Today was no exception. A taste:

But the Bee is at its best when it makes a Christian reader laugh and then — due to overwhelming conviction — cringingly think, "Oh, dang." Which is why this headline and post struck a chord:

The fake news report is of a Christian man in Kennesaw, Georgia, who simultaneously "makes it a point" to show Christ's love even to those who disagree with him and "prays for the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg."

Yes, Mr. Christian, the Bee writes, "publicly posts for his desire for her to die and face the judgment of God, though she likely does not know Christ." The Bee adds:

The man who claims to love all his enemies with a Christlike zeal posted on his Facebook page that he hopes Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies any day now, after news of her absence on the Supreme Court bench was made public.

"If only Ginsburg would kick the bucket, God can tip the Supreme Court to the right and reclaim His chosen country," he posted on his page, just after he shared a quote from Matthew 5 in which Jesus commands His followers to love their enemies. "I love my enemies like Jesus did, but not Ginsburg. Ugh, I hate her."

We Christians are really good about touting the awesome love of Jesus that "flows through us." But is that what the world sees?

I've seen enough message boards and website comment sections and Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to know that the world is right to ask whether Christians believe what they're peddling.

The nastiness of many conservative "believers" when an influential left-winger is gravely ill or dies is disheartening at best. Too many root for or celebrate the death of a liberal lawmaker or judge, hoping that the person's passing will bring about a preferred policy. (Hey, I've been guilty of toying with this attitude, too.)

And the vitriol isn't found only in the reaction to our "political enemies."

The daily coarseness of the language and demeanor of many people who wear the label "Christian" is ... troubling. (I fully expect this point to be debated, blasted, ridiculed, and ripped apart by those who regularly engage in such behavior. A note to those folks: Bring it. Your defensiveness is telling.)

We do ourselves no favors when we sound like everyone else.

It's enough to keep the non-believer happy to be just where he is — kind, fair, sometimes faltering, but at least not hypocritical.

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