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Reporter asks Psaki for Biden's 'biggest achievement in foreign policy.’ She has no answer.

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki loves to "circle back." It's kinda her thing.

So it likely came as no surprise to anyone in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room on Tuesday when the red-headed Biden mouthpiece avoided answering "a great question" that she found uncomfortable by claiming that she wanted to get more input on it before answering.

The question that put Psaki so on the spot that she not only demurred but also quickly called on another reporter in order to cut off any further discussion: “What is President Joe Biden's biggest international win?

That's right. Psaki — knowing what every country's leader knows about this White House — adroitly avoided any discussion of Biden's biggest wins on the international stage.

When faced with the question, "What does your administration consider your biggest achievement in foreign policy?" what was she supposed to say?

The Afghanistan pullout?

Not standing up to Putin's aggression toward Ukraine?

Giving in to Moscow on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

Going easy on China as it commits genocide among its Uyghur population?

Ticking off France with the AUKUS deal?

Censoring a Taiwan minister during a democracy summit?

She went with the only answer she could muster: "This is a great question. I want to be thoughtful about it. I want to talk to the president about it."

Which is ... not confidence-inducing.

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