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Stop encouraging Ted Cruz's beard. Immediately.

The Furnace

An affront to us all

Image source: Fox News screenshot

I'm pro-facial hair (on men).

That must be said at the outset.

Personally, I fluctuate between full beard and chops with a goatee. I'm not a good-looking man, so the more I do to cover my face, the less miserable everyone else around me becomes.

So I get it — facial hair is one of the many benefits of being a man.

Which is why it pains me to say: Ted Cruz must stop his beard practices immediately. And those of you who are encouraging and enabling him must be held accountable.

If the dude — who's famously not attractive (he's been compared to Mrs. Doubtfire, Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis, and that chick who was on "Maury") — wants to grow a beard, that's his deal.

I genuinely believe he could improve his game with a full beard — but not if he is going to continue to think it's socially acceptable to shave between the point of his chin and his soul patch.

This cannot stand:

Image source: Fox News screenshot

Image source: Fox News screenshot

Image source: Fox News screenshot

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