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WATCH: Live coverage of the pro-life rally at PA Planned Parenthood

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This is probably NOT what Brian Sims was hoping for

Image source: Facebook Live screenshot

Following the antics of liberal state Rep. Brian Sims in front of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility, pro-lifers decided to stage a rally at the very location where Sims recorded himself losing his mind.

Sims began making waves at the abortion location recently when he harassed an elderly woman who was praying on the street outside the facility.

His outrageous behavior in defense of abortion was further documented when conservative outlets shared video of him attempting to pay to have three teenaged girls doxxed after he saw them praying outside the same Planned Parenthood facility. The mother of the girls detailed Sims' abuse in an interview with Tucker Carlson. Facebook later deleted Sims' video.

Sims later posted an "apology" video — in which he apologized to Planned Parenthood and not the victims of his abusive behavior.

In the wake of the Sims craziness, pro-lifers organized a rally outside the Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility that Sims made famous. You can watch the rally below.

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