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Mother says Brian Sims 'came in hot ... yelling' at teen daughters, friend before trying to dox them on video — and she had to intervene


'My adrenaline was up as a mom'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Ashley Garecht — the woman seen on a video that Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) recorded last month in which he offered $100 for the identities of three teenage girls praying in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic — said Sims did a whole lot more prior to his doxxing attempt.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Garecht on Tuesday told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that she, her 15- and 13-year-old daughters, and their 15-year-old female friend were praying in front of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood on Holy Thursday as a "prayerful act of service" when Sims first approached them.

What did she say happened next?

She said the far-left lawmaker "came in hot" and was "yelling very specifically at the girls, so I moved myself in between him and the girls and asked him, 'Please talk to me. Let's have a conversation, the two of us, as two adults,' but he continued to yell at the girls" before eventually leaving.

"My adrenaline was up as a mom," Garecht told Carlson.

Garecht added that she told the girls she was "proud of them" for being there — but they said Sims' antics were nothing compared to what they experienced at the March for Life. She also told Carlson that they prayed for Sims as well — and soon he was back and began recording them on video, attempting to dox them and calling them "a bunch of pseudo-Christian protesters."

"We weren't as shocked because we just saw him," Garecht added.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

"I never come to a clinic looking for a fight," she also told Carlson. "It's always just with peaceful, prayerful intent. Yes, I was concerned that he said multiple times that he wanted the identities of my daughters. We were, at that point, already done. We had finished our prayers."

'Bunch of white people'?

Sims also can be heard on his video berating Garecht and the teen girls as a "bunch of white people" and saying there's "nothing Christian or loving or godly about what you're doing."

But while Garecht acknowledged she and her daughters are indeed of the Caucasian persuasion, it's "very evident" that her daughters' friend who was with them is not white.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In fact, the smiling girl can be seen on the clip telling Sims, "I'm really sorry. I'm pretty far from white."

"We kind of got a laugh out of that," Garecht told Carlson. "What he was saying literally didn't make sense."

TheBlaze on Wednesday morning attempted to leave a voice mail at Sims' Philadelphia office requesting comment on Garecht's interview with Carlson, but not surprisingly his voice mailbox was "full" after which the call was disconnected.

Planned Parenthood protester harassed by Dem lawmaker speaks outyoutu.be

Garecht's husband steps in

Meanwhile, Garecht's husband Joe set up a GoFundMe page to benefit pro-life work as a reaction to Sims' "despicable" behavior — and added a little man-to-man message.

"It's bad enough that a grown man would be trying to dox three teenage girls," Joe Garecht wrote in the page's description. "It's even worse that he is an elected official. I've got two responses to these despicable actions by 'Representative' Sims."

"First, Brian, if you have a problem with my wife and daughters praying outside of an abortion clinic, I'm the one you can talk to... instead of harassing teenage girls," he said. "It seems like you like to pick on women, teenagers, and senior citizens ... that's shameful, and unacceptable."

Anything else?

Sims on Tuesday posted a video defending his actions in relation to another incident last week in which he harassed an "old white lady" who was praying the rosary in front of the same Planned Parenthood clinic at 12th and Locust Streets — but Sims didn't mention his attempt last month at doxxing the teen girls.

This story has been updated; the Planned Parenthood location is at 12th and Locust Streets.

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