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Comedian Bridget Phetasy gets real about addiction, sex, and social media censorship

The Glenn Beck Podcast

In this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn sat down with comedian Bridget Phetasy to talk about the hazards of life in the age of social media mob-law, the necessity of free speech in comedy, and what really happens to anyone who disagrees with Los Angeles' "tolerant" left.

Bridget is a former Playboy Advisor in Playboy Magazine and currently contributes to a variety of other outlets including Tonic, the Federalist, and MEL Magazine. In this podcast, she tackles the important issues from a comedic perspective and gets real about her past struggles with addiction, sexual assault, and today's "dangerous" trend of censoring anyone with a less-than-liberal opinion.

Catch the full podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts:

Ep 39 | Bridget Phetasy | The Glenn Beck Podcastyoutu.be

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