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Nikki Haley warns toppling Hong Kong, Taiwan 'is all part of China's grand plan,' in interview with Glenn Beck

The Glenn Beck Podcast

'Hong Kong falls, Taiwan is next'

China announced Monday that U.S. military aircraft and ships are prohibited from visiting Hong Kong in response to recent U.S. legislation supporting Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters.

Last week, President Donald Trump signed the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act," which threatens China with potential U.S. sanctions for human rights violations, prompting thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong to stage a "Thanksgiving" rally in a show of gratitude toward the United States.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Glenn Beck during an exclusive interview that "having the backs of the people of Hong Kong" is vitally important.

"We have to be on their side because if Hong Kong falls, Taiwan is next and this is all part of China's grand plan," she explained. "The one thing [China] hates more than anything else is being called out, and this calls them out. It says that we will monitor the actions China has with Hong Kong."

Haley spoke in support of President Trump signing of the Hong Kong human rights bill. "I like to see him stand with the people of Hong Kong. I think when it comes to our values and when it comes to what we believe in, we shouldn't compromise on that," she continued.

"The world needs someone to stand against oppression," noted Glenn.

Haley agreed, adding, "When we lead, others follow."

Watch the video clip from the Glenn Beck Podcast below. The full interview premiers Friday, December 6, on YouTube or listen wherever podcasts are available.

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