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CONTEXT MATTERS: DOJ lawyer in viral video was defending Obama administration, not Trump

Glenn Beck

No, Trump did NOT say migrant children don't need soap

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray discussed a recent video of a Department of Justice lawyer allegedly arguing in court that immigrant children in detainment facilities don't need basic items like soap or toothbrushes to be "safe and sanitary." The video went viral over the weekend, sparking widespread outrage on social media.

Stu said the video was taken completely out of context and that the lawyer in the video is arguing a case that was filed in 2015 during the Obama administration.

"What they don't include in the context of this video is, of course, that the Trump-administration government lawyer is arguing a case that was brought up in 2015," Stu said. "It's an Obama administration case that has just continued into the Trump administration."

He emphasized that the attorney in the video was not arguing that our government shouldn't provide current detainees with necessities like soap and toothpaste, but whether a specific violation of the Flores Agreement occurred in 2015.

"They are trying to talk about a very specific legal thing that gets tossed out there as if it's a Trump violation, but the violation actually occurred during Obama," explained Stu.

"The left has no idea that this was an Obama problem. This is not a Trump problem," he added. "They just don't care about it. They care about signalling whatever's inside that makes them feel like they're superior to your Neanderthal grandpa who's that horrible white conservative that we all have such distaste for. That is the motivation. The motivation is never the truth. The motivation isn't for these immigrant families, that's the last thing in the world they care about as evidenced that this thing happened during the Obama administration and none of them even know it."

Watch the video below for more:

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