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Texas AG believes all states have a vested interest in a lawsuit headed to the Supreme Court

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Steven Crowder he believes all states have a vested interest in a lawsuit currently headed to the Supreme Court.

In this clip, Paxton outlined his concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. Steven Crowder's attorney, Bill Richmond, asked Paxton why he believed states should want their state attorney general to join the fight in the case of Texas versus four other states.

"Because I think they are being disenfranchised," Paxton said. Paxton detailed how a "federal election could be affected if one state produced election results that were based on state law as required by the U.S. constitution and another state did not."

Crowder asked for Paxton's next steps in the event the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. Paxton explained that the Supreme Court is the only place he can file this case and his belief that the case deserved to be heard.

Crowder later asked if Americans could expect more Republicans to "grow a backbone" and join the fight headed to the Supreme Court. Paxton expressed an understanding of citizens' disappointment in Republican officials and that he is "grateful that more people are focusing on the issue."

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