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Biden will 'burn the Declaration and Constitution': Levin warns voters of what's in Biden's INSANE 110-page policy plan


'This document tells you what they intent to do to you, to the culture, and to the country'

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BlazeTV's Mark Levin warned that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election, they plan to destroy the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution, as spelled out in Biden's 110-page radical far-left manifesto, which you can read for yourself here.

"This is the 110-page Biden-Sanders (I call it modern day communist) manifesto, which gets into every part of our culture and our society. Which will affect every walk of life, including each and every one of you," Levin warned on LevinTV. "From health care to energy to immigration to the economy and on and on, this document tells you what they intend to do to you, to the culture, and to the country … they intent to burn the Declaration and Constitution."

Levin noted that the idea of individual liberty is never once mentioned in the entire 110-page document, while capitalism, the free market, and property rights are only discussed in the context of attacking and destroying them.

He also highlighted the massive increases in federal individual income, corporate income, capital gains, "death" or inheritance taxes outlined in the manifesto.

"Under this document, depending on where people live, some of our fellow Americans are going to be paying over 60 percent in taxes to their state, local, and federal government. This unbelievable!" Levin said.

"All throughout this document, it's an attack on the way we live," he added. "It's socialism. It's centralism. It's anti-classical liberalism. And it is completely alien to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."

Levin warned that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election, Americans will be living by the Biden-Sanders manifesto, and not by the United States Constitution.

"These documents," he said, holding up a copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. "All the blood, all the fighting, carrying our flag in the wars, all that our ancestors have done, all that men and women surrounding us today, veterans, have done to protect this document, will be for naught."

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