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Mark Levin: 'Equality' does NOT mean we're all equal — and that's a great thing


And that's the problem with the left

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On Friday's "LevinTV," Mark Levin had a few fiery words of wisdom for those radical leftists who think that "equality" means that we're all equal.

"We're not all equal -- and that's a great thing. That's something to be celebrated!" Levin asserted. "We're not equal. We are individual human beings with our own DNA. With our own motivation. With our own personality. With our own desires. That's the way it's supposed to be. 'Equality' means equality of justice. Equality under the law. That is, in a civil society, we should all be treated like human beings. It doesn't mean that we're all equal individually, one with the other," he continued.

"If we're all equal, then we're all robots. And that's the problem with the left," Levin added. "That's the reason why 100 million people have been slaughtered under communism, because we're not all equal. We don't fit into the Marxist-Engles-Saul Alinsky radical progressive communist mindset. That is a theory. That has no relationship to humanity!"

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