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Here's how history will remember CHAZ/CHOP

Louder with Crowder

In typical progressive fashion, the CHAZ/CHOP hostage situation will go down in the history books as "the summer of love." The country will move on and somehow be caught off guard when the next attack on our western way of life materializes. Hold up! The legacy of CHAZ, CHOP, Segregated Commie Gardens, or whatever you want to call it should be remembered as a brief period of needless loss of life, violence, and property damage that occurred across six city blocks in downtown Seattle. The legacy of this grotesque group of anarchists parading around as defenders of Black Lives Matter were criminals who held a portion of a major U.S. city hostage, ultimately losing the support of a braindead mayor who couldn't foresee the murderous path ahead until it was too late. Here is Steven Crowder's take on the legacy of CHAZ.

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