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Steven Crowder team books stay at CHAZ 'warlord' Raz Simone's Airbnb and graffitis the walls in 'CHAZ tribute'


Taste of his own medicine?

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

Seattle rapper and so-called CHAZ "warlord" Raz Simone got a taste of the lawlessness prevalent inside the autonomous zone Thursday when BlazeTV's Steven Crowder booked a stay at Simone's Seattle Airbnb and members of Crowder's team covered the walls with CHAZ-style graffiti.

What are the details?

Crowder posted an image on Twitter shortly after the incident showing the walls of Simone's high-rise Airbnb draped with spray-painted messages saying, "F**k cops," "F**k the police," and "BLM."

In the caption, Crowder wrote: "No clue why [Raz Simone] is so mad when we paid to stay at his AirBnb. We didn't even get to stay the night! 1 star."

Simone, who rose to internet fame for allegedly becoming the de facto armed police force in the zone after city police evacuated, shot back in a tweet of his own, saying: "Hope y'all enjoyed your stay! You've seen what I do to people who graffiti walls that aren't there's [sic] but I'll let this one slide cuz it's cute and y'all funny funny."

Under Simone's alleged leadership, the six-block territory in downtown Seattle has become a haven for crime and destruction of property, not the least of which is the indiscriminate graffitiing of buildings with similar phrases to the one's painted by Crowder's team.

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

What else?

Interestingly, a video allegedly showing Simone and companions using force to stop a man from graffitiing property made headlines last week. This is likely the incident Simone is referring to in threatening Crowder with "you've seen what I do to people who graffiti walls that aren't there's."

In the video, one protester can be heard saying "we are the police of this community now" before an apparent fistfight ensues between Simone and the ­graffiti artist.

Simone claimed after the fact that the incident "actually went beautifully ... we all hugged each other, cried it out and it was beautiful."

What's the background?

Members of Crowder's team, "Quarter Black Garrett" and "Even Brendan," had been passing out fliers to protesters within CHAZ about a party at Simone's Airbnb Thursday evening after Crowder had booked it. The party was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek celebration of "New CHAZ."

While in the apartment, they spray-painted the messages on the wall as a "CHAZ tribute" mural, but once Simone allegedly caught wind of what they were doing at the apartment, the Crowder team members evacuated the premises.

The event was part of a "Louder with Crowder" livestream event, called "LIVE FROM CHAZ."

You can watch the full episode here (Content warning: rough language):

LIVE FROM CHAZ! FOR REAL!! | Louder with Crowderyoutu.be

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