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EPIC: Megyn Kelly weighs in on #BelieveAllWomen

Louder with Crowder

Does anyone else want to be Megyn Kelly when they grow up or is it just me? On Wednesday's episode of Steven Crowder's "Good Morning Mug Club," Kelly gave possibly the best interview to date on the #BelieveAllWomen movement.

We've all sat forward and trolled sad souls like Alyssa Milano and her brain-dead Twitter followers because they want everyone to believe that women never lie. They want us to lie to ourselves by drinking the Kool-Aid and accepting the arrogant notion the women should inherently be believed.

Patriots understand we are all innocent until proven guilty, and we believe in our right to due process. What we see today is a divide that spawned two factions: #BelieveAllWomen and patriots.

Patriots understand an accuser should be heard, but their testimony must be scrutinized before any guilty judgment is handed down — by a judge and the public alike.

Tara Reade, a former staffer who worked in Joe Biden's Senate office in the 1990s, recently talked about her allegations of sexual misconduct against Biden during an exclusive interview with Kelly.

"Let me ask you this about Tara Reade ... As someone who has been in the media and covered this type of story with the #MeToo movement, for a long time," Crowder began, "I think you have been very fair-minded about it. And like you just said, you've been a victim of it yourself, how do you balance presenting what you believe as plausible versus sort of what had become a Twitter trend? Because there are two camps: Believe all women always and then people who believe in due process. And unfortunately, if sometimes you believe somebody, and another instance you don't, people think you are on the other team?"

"No. I think that is baloney. You pick whom you believe. You listen, and you use your brain and common sense as a juror would in a courtroom, and you'll figure out who you believe and who you don't, and that is the way it should be," Kelly answered.

Watch the video below to hear Megyn discuss her interview with Tara Reade, modern-day feminism, and the treatment of men on college campuses no thanks to #BelieveAllWomen."



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