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'Good Morning Mug Club': Steven Crowder debunks the fake news of the day

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Have you or anyone you know had the coronavirus? That is the question Steven Crowder asked his audience on Friday during "Good Morning Mug Club."

In this episode, Steven fact-checked the morning fake news cycle. He began with a story that was trending on Twitter about New York City burying the bodies of deceased COVID-19 victims at Hart Island in mass burial pits. According to a CBS report, "A spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office said Thursday that it 'does not currently anticipate reaching morgue capacity.'"

Here's the truth: According to the city of New York, Hart Island is the burial site for any unclaimed bodies without next of kin, regardless of how they died. This gravesite is the final resting place for around 1 million people and has been used for this purpose since 1881.

Next, Crowder pushed back against the projected number of COVID-19 deaths. The Intercept reported that an original Imperial College study predicted 2.2 million U.S. deaths. But, experts have since admitted the original prediction was an overestimate, putting the new estimate from 100,000 to 240,000 now down to 60,000.

Watch the video below to learn how the CDC counts deaths where COVID-19 is suspected but not confirmed, how the media has smeared President Trump for his comments about hydroxychloroquine, and much more.

The REAL COVID-19 Numbers! | Ep#6 Good Morning #MugClub youtu.be

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