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Is there any president you would rather have in 2019 'woke' culture than Trump?

Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder explains why he was wrong about Trump

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On Friday's episode of "Louder with Crowder," Steven explained why Donald Trump is the only man capable of surviving "woke" culture in 2019.

In this clip, Steven described President Trump as the only Republican candidate who is capable of exposing mainstream media bias. According to Steven, outside of politically engaged Republicans, and up until the 2016 election, CNN was seen as a "down the middle" news network.

"Does anyone think that any other Republican candidate would have exposed the media the way that President Trump has?" Crowder asked rhetorically.

"Genuinely, can you think of anyone else who would hammer the media; who would live to expose the media as relentlessly as Donald Trump?" he continued.

Watch the video below for the full story.

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