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Left's 'Green' policies are dangerous during a pandemic

Louder with Crowder

Leftists tout their ridiculous "Green" policies as the globe's last stand against the approaching year of 2030. The same leftists say more women should be involved in writing a "Green" policy because the impact of climate change is felt more severely than men.

I mean, how can we take progressives seriously when they propose garbage ideas on gender-based climate change with a straight face? Or as they exploit naturally occurring weather patterns to bully a pathway for women into positions of global policy-writing power? I'll pass.

Here's a pro-tip: If a woman wants to believe her voice goes unheard, she should try saying something worth hearing.

The truth, if a woman has good ideas, people will listen. However, it is not the elevation of women the left is after. Instead, they zero-in on poverty-stricken parts of the world where hostile weather significantly impacts the people's chances of eating; survival. Then, they manipulate facts, citing agriculturally devastated countries with a larger female population as proof that climate change hurts women more than men.

To better illustrate the ignorance of left's green policy, Steven Crowder connected dots between current new Green New Deal-esque policies and CDC guidelines meant to help "slow the spread" of COVID-19. In Crowder's model, he uses the science of reason to expose contradictions between progressive green freak policy and progressive big government health policy.

The takeaway: For being a "science denier," Crowder presents a model showing proof that the experts and bureaucrats are not smarter than the American people, which was my long-winded way to say: Leftists be trippin! You be the judge...

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