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Ivy League elites


Over at The Atlantic, Megan McArdle has an entertaining post on trading in a huge paycheck for a job you love. Read it. But that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to draw your attention to is her last sentence, where she decries Ivy League elitism, which appears in the post she uses to craft her response:

I'd also like to take a secondary swipe at the notion that graduates from Ivy League schools are "our best and brightest".  The Ivy League may represent the cream of a very small segment of incredibly affluent Americans.  But there's a lot more cream out there, and it's a pity that American institutional structures seem so apt to exclude it from the mix.

Megan is an Ivy Leaguer (U of Pennsylvania). But it seems she hasn't fallen into Ivy-Leaguism. Like me, I'm sure there's a lot of you who didn't attend an IL school. So from the nation's non-best and brightest, thanks, Megan.


Several readers pointed out that I spelled "league" wrong in the title of this post, thus proving I really am part of the non-best and non-brightest.

The title has been updated.

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