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Video: U.S. Open Fan Brawl


The temperature wasn't the only thing hot at the U.S. Open.

Yesterday's temperature reached 93 degrees at tennis's U.S. Open. But in the stands, it was much hotter.

According to the New York Daily News, and a video posted on YouTube, a brawl broke out between a young man and a middle-aged man and woman. After a demonstrative verbal argument, the older man and woman are seen attacking the younger man, causing one of the attackers a possible injury (seen later in a wheelchair) after he tumbled one row down during the incident.

But the star of the video might be the man who captured the fight. Arnold Florendo, 37, of Great Neck, Long Island, gives a running commentary during the fight, reminiscent of "Mystery Science Theater, 3,0000," and yells at the end, "Hey, don't worry guy--I got you man," and then melodically chants, "we gonn'a go on the YouTube."

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