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Newspaper Doctors Photo to Shift Obama's Position


"This is what the corrupt regime's media has been reduced to."

The key words to use about Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper -- "state run." Never was that more clear than with this photo:

Just your basic world leaders trundling along. But then a blogger noticed something unusual with the original picture:

This isn't exactly like finding Waldo.  You see the difference, right?  In the doctored photo at the top -- Obama has been repositioned so that he is not leading the group!  Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek is now the leader.

This is not going over well in some Egyptian corners:

Opposition group 6 April Youth Movement also slammed the state-run paper, accusing it of being 'unprofessional' for running the altered image without notifying its readers that a change had been made.

The group said in a statement on its website: 'This is what the corrupt regime's media has been reduced to'. It added the paper had 'crossed the line from being balanced and honest'.

No one at the newspaper is commenting about this -- but they did replace the picture.

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