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If only there were a Tea Party pace car...


Hey, wait. Apparently there is:

(via Fark)

Okay, so there is a Tea Party pace car.  It's not like it's a car on a "mission" or anything. Oh, wait:

The Tea Party Pace Car leads the field in the race to restore Essential Liberty as enshrined in our nation's founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

I didn't think I was having a mid-life crisis.

So what are the people at up to?  Not much. Just this:

The TPPC is among the last of the Dodge Vipers in production, a very rare color combination chosen to promote the Gadsden Flag. The Gadsden was the banner of the Sons of Liberty at the dawn of the American Revolution, and the first flag adopted by the United States Marine Corps in 1775 at the recommendation of Continental Colonel Christopher Gadsden. It was revived in recent years as the banner of the Tea Party movement to restore American Liberty.

Another paragraph has gone by. Would that mean it's time for another picture? Yes. With grass in the foreground:

So what about that car? Now that you are asking:

The Tea Party Pace Car is a Viper SRT-10 ACR, an all-American muscle car modified to boost its output to 700 horsepower to exceed the performance of the most powerful production supercars in the world. Its 0-60 time is just over three seconds and it is capable of speeds in excess of 220 MPH—a fitting pace car for the most important movement to restore Liberty in this era.

Too bad there's not a picture of this muscular vehicle with cool tree limbs abounding. What? There is?

The Tea Party pace care would very much like you to visit The Patriot Post.

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