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Million Moderate March': Jon Stewart Announces 'Rally to Restore Sanity' on 10.30.10


It's on. Forget about 8/28. And don't bother with 10/2. Really, don't bother.  Jon Stewart is ready to "rally against extremism" on 10.30.10:

He plans to stage a rally in Washington to counter what he identified as extremists on either side of the political spectrum.

The New York Times explains the mission of the march:

"To counter what he called a minority of 15 percent or 20 percent of the country who have dominated the national political discussion with extreme rhetoric. He tarred both parties with that charge, mentioning both the attacks on the right against President Obama for being everything from a socialist to un-American and on the left against former President Bush for being a war criminal.

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Rally to Restore Sanity

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They already have a Facebook page of course:

I did note the first post on the wall when I got  to the page:

An additional twist to the events on 10.30.10 -- Stewart's Comedy Central counterpart Stephen Colbert will be holding something of a counter rally with a different theme:

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March to Keep Fear Alive
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FYI -- the "Don't Click Here" button on each event website simply takes you to the website of the other event.

So what will happen?  That's a little unclear:

Mr. Stewart offered few details. He said it would be “two or three hours one sat for some nice people to get together for some fun.”
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