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30 Rock. Not good.


This is way off topic, but 30 Rock isn't good.

A lot of people that I think are funny, think it's funny.  But it's not funny.

I know I'm supposed to think it's funny, and I would, if it were funny.  But, I've tried to watch it over and over again, and it's never, ever funny.

The latest piece of evidence?  This exchange was considered good enough to make a promo out of.

(I paraphrase because I care.)

Tina Fey:  So, are you a doorman now?

Matt Damon: Yeah, a doorman of the sky.  I'm a pilot.


That's a highlight????  Like, you want people to know that moment occurs in an upcoming episode?  Really???

The success of this show is as inexplicable to me as Glenn Beck's success is to the Center for American Progress.

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