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The GOP's new 'pledge' gets mixed marks


The National Review is giving the Republicans' new "Pledge to America" two thumbs up, calling it "bolder" than 1994's Contract with America:

The Contract with America merely promised to hold votes on popular bills that had been bottled up during decades of Democratic control of the House. The pledge commits Republicans to working toward a broad conservative agenda that, if implemented, would make the federal government significantly smaller, Congress more accountable, and America more prosperous.

Meanwhile, RedState's Erick Erickson says it's "perhaps the most ridiculous thing to come out of Washington since George McClellan."

These 21 pages tell you lots of things, some contradictory things, but mostly this: it is a serious of compromises and milquetoast rhetorical flourishes in search of unanimity among House Republicans because the House GOP does not have the fortitude to lead boldly in opposition to Barack Obama.

What do you think?  Click here to view the pledge's full text.

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