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Is the United Methodist Church being co-opted?

Jonathon Seidl really earned his keep yesterday as he attempted to find out if the United Methodist Church really does support the far left and their 'One Nation' rally happening this weekend. The answers the church provided were all over the board, contradictory and confusing. But, as a former member of the United Methodist Church, I can't say I'm that surprised at the response.

A few years ago (when I was a member of the UMC) I relocated, and in the process went church shopping. As we visited the Methodist churches in the area, I was amazed at the wide ranging differences from church to church. One would feel like a Baptist mega church, the next more like it was run by Obama spiritual advisor Jim Wallis. The Jim Wallis type sermon I witnessed was the only time I ever contemplated walking out on a church service. The pastor talked more about global warming and how humans are destroying the Earth with SUV's than the saving grace of Jesus Christ - and call me a fanatic but I've got a problem with that. I'm not a huge fan of central church authority, but there's something to be said for message consistency, and right now it looks like the United Methodist Church may have a problem. Has their hands off approach caused them to be co-opted by Jim Wallis like characters?

Though they are not an official sponsor of this leftist rally, the church said the core principles of the rally are 'very consistent' with their principles on issues such as jobs, education and work. Do you want your church principles to be 'very consistent' with groups such as SEIU, AFL-CIO, La Raza and the Communist Party USA? Me either.

I have nothing against the Methodist Church. I just think the more politics pop up in sermons the more skeptical you should become, and find out what the motive is behind the message.

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