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Is the White House really copying the UPS white board?

Is the White House really copying the UPS white board?

Dan and Stu may think that the White House world revolves around Glenn Beck and his chalkboard. But apparently the "rest of the blogosphere" decided the new White House white board is more of an homage to the UPS ads.

Mediaite quickly drew the connection between the White House video and UPS:

Basically, they’re using a stolen idea from UPS commercials to try to explain how the GOP wants to steal from the middle class. While the visual diagram is definitely worlds away from keychains with pithy slogans, we can’t help but imagine how much more fun this video would be with a catchy Postal Service beat.

Really it just made me want to imagine Austan Goolsbee in "lady hair":

BTW...it turns out that we're just a Glenn Beck "fanzine":

The Blaze, which is basically just an Internet treehouse of children who tell stories about how cool Glenn Beck is, saw this and decided this was STOLED from Glenn Beck, who uses a chalkboard, a similar kind of board.

We have a treehouse? That would be super cool!

At least Mediaite did a little analysis:

CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee uses a series of colored circles to show explain the Bush Tax Cuts and how they play out for different income brackets. Goolsbee is engaging and the circles definitely make for a striking image but some of the hyperbole screams for an easy rebuttal (Really? “Every” economist agrees that the tax cuts for the wealthy is the “least” effective way to save the economy?).

I think what I like the best is how the White House video shop, which usually has the production values cranked to 11, carefully crafted the new effort to seem a little rough.  Even the audio is "sound designed" to feel slightly amateur.  That makes it more "viral," right?  If only they could have tossed in some "lady hair."  At least Stu has done that!

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