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Another One: Climate Change Ad Features Young Girl in a Noose


"Climate change, human impact, creative challenge."

It seems gruesome images of children in trouble are popular marketing tools in the environmental movement. Last week the climate change group 10:10 released a propaganda video featuring exploding children. But before that, the group ACT-Responsible featured an equally disturbing photo of a young girl in a noose:

(via: Hot Air)

The picture is apparently an advertisement for the groups 2009 ad exhibit in Cannes, France (where it was appears to have been featured as a large banner).

According to its website, ACT's goal "is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility. ACT shows how advertising professionals from all continents can use their core talent -- creativity -- to play a significant role in addressing today's crucial world issues." It appears to be French-based, although it has offices in both Switzerland and the United States.

To fulfill its stated goal, ACT promotes, publishes, and displays provocative art by individuals and companies looking to promote social issues. There's no evidence that it creates the ads itself, but rather promotes the ones it considers the best.

The image above was included in the archives section of the group's website and on the cover of the "Act 2009: Climate Change, human impact, creative challenge," and includes the heading "Exhibition of the Best Social and Environmental Ads." And while it seems the company usually doesn't create its own pictures, there are some hints that this one might have been commissioned by ACT.

The picture does not include any immediate, decipherable clues as to who is responsible for the picture. The only reference to its origin is an illegible "concept by" line near the side (and at the bottom of some versions):

Further digging on ACT's website shows that the letters following the "concept by" section may belong to a company called Ayrine. A quick Google search and a few minutes on that company's website reveals a section called "solutions" that features A.C.T and the same picture featured above:

The only differences between the pictures featured on ACT's website and Ayrine's is that the former's language is done in French while the latter's is in English and contains sponsor organizations.

Even more digging on Ayrine's website reveals a larger ACT portfolio, including apparent banners and other graphics:

Taken together, both websites seem to suggest that either ACT commissioned the piece, or else accepted the submission from a company with which it is closely associated. If there are other explanations, neither Ayrine nor ACT immediately responded to requests to offer them.

In the end, Hot Air's Ed Morrissey can't help but dream about the old days:

Kind of makes one long for the days of polar-bear hugs, huh?
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