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German Catholics Call for 'Santa Claus-Free Zones' This Christmas


"Is nothing sacred?"

A group of German Catholics has started a campaign against Santa Clause, hoping to return Christmas to its original emphasis on giving, not just receiving. It also wants to fight consumerism, since Santa is "an invention of the advertising industry designed to boost sales."

From Reuters and MSNBC:

A group of German Catholics wants to do away with Santa Claus because of the fictional figure's commercial hype and replace him with St Nicolas and the selfless giving they say he represents.

The organization sees Santa as "an invention of the advertising industry designed to boost sales" and as "a representative of consumer society" who has little to do with the historical figure of St Nicolas.

Its website describes Nicolas, the patron saint of children, as "a helper in need who reminds us to be kind, to think of our neighbors, and to give the gift of happiness."

The campaign is supported by several German celebrities.

"Unlike Santa Claus, Nicolas wants to give children inner riches and not just encourage them to strive for material wealth," German TV presenter Nina Ruege was quoted saying.

Gawker is a little upset about the idea:

Next thing you know, they'll be trying to tell us that Valentine's Day was created by the marketing department at Hallmark. Is nothing sacred?
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