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Here's an estimation of when aerial photo of 10.2 rally was taken


You may have seen our comparisons of pictures taken of the 8.28 & 10.2 rallies in Washington:

We've pointed out a number of times that it was not clear to us exactly when the picture on the right was taken.  The "One Nation" rally took place between noon and 4pm.  Maybe the picture was taken at 9:30am.  That would be important, right?  Well, since we don't have independent confirmation we are left to guess.  Or maybe not.

A viewer of The B-Cast program I do sent in a nifty analysis that involves...shadows:

Looking at the shadows, especially around the WWII Memorial, you can see that they are pointing due North, indicating that the sun is at the zenith.

So what does that mean?  For the full analysis click here.

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