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Vote & Comment: Should Supreme Court Allow Westboro Baptist's Funeral Pickets?


Do you agree with Glenn or Pat?

I'm putting the poll right at the top -- but before you vote read through the post and watch the video featuring Glenn Beck and Pat Gray's disagreement on the issue.

First a set-up of what happened in court from our AP feed:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court justices, in a rare public display of sympathy, strongly suggested Wednesday they would like to rule for a dead Marine's father against fundamentalist church members who picketed his son's funeral — but aren't sure they can.

Left unresolved after an hourlong argument that explored the limits of the First Amendment: Does the father's emotional pain trump the protesters' free speech rights?

The difficulty of the constitutional issue was palpable in the courtroom as the justices weighed the case of Albert Snyder. His son died in Iraq in 2006, and members of a family-dominated church in Topeka, Kan., protested at the funeral to express their view that U.S. deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are God's punishment for American immorality and tolerance of homosexuality and abortion.

NBC News:

And now the debate between Glenn and Pat:

And now go back to the top and vote! Thanks.

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