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Sex Sells: Liberal Group Uses Naked College Kids to Get Out the Vote


"I wasn't covered."

The liberal group Campus Progress is appealing to college students and their hormones in order to get out the vote this November. A new video features college-aged kids bearing almost all to praise health care reform. Here's a taste, then an explanation:

Now, from Politco:

“Back off my Coverage!” features college students bemoaning their lack of health care coverage while hiding their naked bodies behind various signs.

“For decades we were left wondering if we’d ever get covered,” says one student (Covered, get it…?).

Once they make note of the Obama administration’s health care reform, all of the naked students get covered…with clothes.

“There are some who want to repeal health care reform. … What they’re really trying to do is take away our coverage. We won’t let them.”

So who else is the group using to get out the vote? Let's name our next low-budget film star "Chuck":

I can't help but think that Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit takes a sarcastic tone when commenting, "They’re hoping this will help them get out the vote."

Now, here's "Chuck" and his friends in all their pantsless pundit glory:

[youtube expand=1]

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