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Coulter and O'Reilly Spar Over Paladino's Anti-Gay Remarks


“I think everybody but you in the world agrees, this isn’t going to help the guy."

Last night, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly squared off on "The O'Reilly Factor" over whether New York Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's (R) recent anti-gay comments helped or hurt him.

Mediaite sets up the clip this way:

Coulter argued to a very skeptical Bill O’Reilly that Paladino had only attacked “gay left-wing activists,” not all gays, and had actually refused to read the part of his speech that stated homosexuality is a sin or, as Coulter called it, “the Leviticus part.” O’Reilly wasn’t buying it, telling her that it seemed pretty clear he was attacking all people that identify as LGBT, and that no matter how she spun it, it was hard to see the comments as positive. “I think everybody but you in the world agrees,” he tells her, “this isn’t going to help the guy.” She disagreed, citing the comments are good politics: “[the audience didn't] want to hear about the fiscal issues. They want to hear about the moral issues.”

To shamelessly steal part of a phrase from O'Reilly's network, you decide:

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