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Alvin Greene's New Campaign Media Strategy: Bunny Ears


During a live broadcast report from the South Carolina state fairgrounds, one reporter unknowingly gave an exclusive look at Alvin Greene, the Democrat challenging incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint. In the video clip, the Senatorial candidate can be seen in a green hat and green t-shirt, standing over the newsman's left shoulder waving and making rabbit ears:

The latest polls show a steep uphill climb for Greene, who currently trails Sen. DeMint by about 45 points. An unemployed veteran, Greene stunned his own party when he secured their nomination earlier this year. Last week, the Democrat's attorney brushed off questions about Greene's pending felony charges alleges he showed a teenage college student online pornography on a campus computer lab last year. According to Greene's attorney, it was only trying to "flirt" with the girl.

"He was attempting to flirt with a young lady who had no interest in him," Eleazer Carter told The Associated Press. "While the charges are very serious, I think it boils down to, when a lady turns you down, has it reached a criminal offense?"

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