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CNN Asks Past Surgeon General if She Would Smoke Legalized Pot


Mediaite's Steve Krakauer brings us the odd exchange between CNN’s Don Lemon and former U.S. surgeon general under Pres. Bill Clinton, Joycelyn Elders. Apparently curious after Elders told the New York Times that we consume "far more dangerous drugs that are legal," Lemon asked if Elders would smoke pot if it were legal:

Elders responds that she has never smoked marijuana in the past and that at her age (77) she doesn't plan on starting anything new. She does, however, argue marijuana should be legal "for adults." Too many people, she says, are being "criminalized" for "non-violent" crimes related to smoking pot, and pot has never "directly" caused anyone to die since it is not a toxic substance.

Kraukaur notes that marijuana has been a popular October topic on cable news TV. CNN has mentioned it 114 times, Fox News 81, and MSNBC 64. According to Lemon legalized pot initiatives are on the ballot in four states next month.

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