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Huh? NFL to punish players for hitting too hard


A sign of the times? The NFL will soon be punishing players for hitting too hard:

"The NFL will immediately begin suspending players for dangerous and flagrant hits, particularly those involving helmets. Suspensions also could be handed out for hits during last weekend's games."

Ohhh, so not only are you going to create an impossible to follow (and impossible to apply) rule, you are going to make it retroactive! I think we can file this one away in the 'future fail' category. The old school NFL guys must be shaking their heads. They were tough. Jack Youngblood played part of the 1979 NFL playoffs (including the Super Bowl) with a broken leg - he fixed it up by slapping some tape on it before game time. Real old school players used to wear leather helmets!

I get that they are trying to limit the neck injuries - but there has to be a better idea out there than penalizing players for hitting too hard. We must act collectively and quickly - if we leave it to the NFL it will soon be the NFFL (National Flag Football League).

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