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Olbermann Uses Jesus to Paint Repubs. as 'Morons


"You know, like in the Real Housewives of New Jersey."

During his "Worst Person" segment on last nights "Countdown," Keith Olbermann channeled his inner Jesus in order to mock "worst person," Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN).

After Bachmann responded to the obligatory who-would-you-like-to-have-dinner-with question with "Jesus, George Washington, Adam – the first man – the Apostle Paul, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ann Coulter, Ronald Reagan and Mark Levin," Olbermann couldn't help but opine on the selection.

His response (via NewsBusters):

Yes, Reagan would turn back into a Democrat. Washington would read her his farewell address warning against forming political parties. Adam would reconsider celibacy. Paul would announce he’d gone blind again. Bach would play the harpsichord loud enough to drown out her voice. Coulter would question Jesus’s sexuality. Levin would run out on the check. And Jesus would shout, "Get these out of here. Do not make the House of Representatives a house of morons," and then turn over the table. You know, like in the Real Housewives of New Jersey. [Emphasis added]

Olbermann also took the opportunity to mock Bachmann's desire to reduce the federal government to "it's original size" and adherence to strict Constitutional constructionism:

As a side note, the interview Olbermann references was not conducted by World Net Daily. The interview is from the book Portraits of Success: Candid Conversations with 60 Over-Achievers by Burty Prelutsky, and the Bachmann excerpt was only posted on the website.

Additionally, if one ignores Olbermann's oh-my-gosh pause after the "they could all speak English" part of the interviewer's question, the comment is far from shocking, is actually necessary, and surprisingly inclusive and diverse.

The interviewer was trying not to limit the dinner guests to English-speakers. He wanted to be clear to Bachmann that no matter who she picked language barriers would not be an issue because, for this one moment (in this thought experiment), they would all speak English. Not surprisingly, Bachmann picked at least four people whose first language would not have been English (Jesus, Paul, Adam, and Bach).

That doesn't seem to be worth turning over the tables.

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