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Meeks Admits He Talked Withdrawl With Clinton: We Discussed The 'Rumor


"...but that's probably bad enough."

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kendrick Meek made the rounds this morning to discuss the story that former President Bill Clinton asked Meek to drop out of the race. A request he reportedly fulfilled twice.

And while now he is denying he ever agreed to withdraw, he is admitting that he did talk about the possibility with Clinton.

Initially this morning, Meek wasn't as forthcoming with Fox. He started by saying that he and Clinton only discussed "the race in general," and that Clinton never asked him to get out. That's despite the Clinton camp's claims to the contrary:

However Time magazine's Mark Halperin continued pressing Meek on the issue later in the morning, and he admitted that he and Clinton did in fact discuss the topic:

As Hot Air's Ed Morrissey says, "Meek will only say that he and Clinton discussed the rumor, but that’s probably bad enough."

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