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Weepgate: MSNBC Hosts Spar Over Boehner's Tear-Filled Speech


“[He] will cry at a super market opening.”

After John Boehner gave a tearful speech last night that many saw as the beginning of his House Speakership, MSNBC hosts squared off about whether or not those tears were genuine. Surprisingly, Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Matthews came to Boehner's defense. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow did not, and Maddow even managed to get in a dig on Glenn Beck:

Mediaite points out that while Maddow is correct to certain extent, her madness trumps her message:

All of what Maddow says is true, and is a legitimate critique. However, its almost as though Ms. Maddow has turned into the “mean girl” in High School who is unhappy with the school election and is left only to deride the winner. Watch the video from MSNBC below.
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