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No Fore-sight: Man Blinded by Golf Ball Sues Friend for Not Yelling 'Fore!


Stop me if you've heard this one before. Two doctors are playing a round of golf. One doctor hits a horrible shot into the rough. On his next shot trying to get out of the rough, he hits another bad shot -- so bad that the ball winds up hitting his friend in head and blinding that friend.

Good joke, right? Not so much. It actually happened. And now the New York Court of Appeals is set to hear the case between Dr. Anoop Kapoor (the ball striker) and Dr. Azad Anand. Anand's claim? Kapoor didn't properly warn him by yelling "fore!" after hitting the deplorable shot.

ABC reports:

The men, frequent golf partners, were playing in October 2002 at the Dix Hills Park Golf Course with another friend, Balram Verma. After hitting a second shot on the first hole, each set off to find his ball.

Anand testified that he was hit as soon as he found his ball and turned around, about 15 to 20 feet away from Kapoor.

Verma testified that Anand was about 20 feet away from Kapoor and about 50 degrees away from the intended line of flight for Kapoor's shot.

Kapoor testified that Anand was farther away and at an angle of 60 to 80 degrees. He said he shouted the warning when he realized the ball was headed toward Anand. Neither friend said he heard it.

Anand's case has already been dismissed by two lower courts. That could change. As London's Daily Mail puts it: "Both testimonies will be given tomorrow. Needless to say, the Court of Appeals will have to try to find a hole in one."

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