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Ohio Woman Outraged by TSA Pat-Down: 'She Sexually Assaulted Me


"She needs to lose her job."

An Ohio woman traveling with her infant son says a now-routine pat-down by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screener went too far.

"She sexually assaulted me," Erin Chase complained Wednesday of the intrusive search. "She needs to lose her job," she said of the TSA employee.

Chase's complaint is just one of thousands pouring in from frustrated air passengers over the TSA's recently implemented more stringent security checks. The pat-down she says she experienced at Ohio's Dayton International Airport is part a lengthy hands-on search, But she says it felt like much more.

The TSA's new "palms down" technique is leaving many passengers like Chase feeling very violated, comparing the security screening to being sexually "groped."

"She went all the way up my legs, up my inner thighs, felt all along my inner thighs until she reached my genital area, touching both sides," Chase told .

TSA officials have released a statement about Chase's claims, saying "TSA personnel have been in contact with the passenger, are reviewing the alleged incident and will take appropriate action if necessary."

While Chase's complaint was relatively mild, other air passengers are not taking the new invasive procedures sitting down. In one reported incident, a TSA screener in Indianapolis was assaulted by one passenger Wednesday afternoon, punched in the chest after escorting the suspect through one of the new, controversial full-body "scatterback" scanners.

In a statement, TSA spokesman Greg Soule called violence against TSOs, "shameful."

"Our transportation security officers work on the front lines to protect the nation from a terrorist attack and physical violence against them is shameful. TSA will work with local authorities to see that appropriate action is taken," Soule said.

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