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Ohio Fur Bandit Caught Stuffing Luxury Coats Down Her Pants


After the town of Westlake, Ohio, experienced its second fur store theft in a week, police caught a break when the store's security cameras caught the bandits red-handed.

According to police, one man and two women teamed up to steal two coats valued at $5,000 on Nov. 16.   About one week earlier, another store had reported that three suspects -- a man and two women -- got away with two coats after one distracted the store manager's attention away from the lifted merchandise. The first store, however, did not have video surveillance.

On Tuesday, the police said they made a positive ID and have arrested one of the women captured on surveillance stuffing one of the luxury coats down her pants.

So far the other two individuals involved haven't been identified. Anyone with information about the robberies should called detectives at 440-871-3311.

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