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Is God Really the Best Person to Blame for NFL Player's Dropped Pass?


"it just so happened today that I had 75 drops in the game"

Yesterday, we brought you the tweet from Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson to God asking why the man upstairs caused him to drop a game-winning touchdown in overtime on Sunday. And although many didn't share his sentiment on Monday, the "God" rant may be the only plausible explanation for so much Bills misfortune.

It started Sunday in overtime. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a beautiful, arching, 40-yard pass that may have just touched the hand of God. When the ball dropped into Johnson's chest and then bounced out, it was God who got the blame.

But the blame came after a tear-filled press conference that included Johnson admitting he will "never" get over the drop and asked reporters how they would feel if they did something similar:

It was sometime after that press conference that Johnson then took out his anger on the Almighty:

On one hand, Johnson's "God" theory holds about as much water as his hands do a football. Johnson admitted as much earlier in the day.

"We're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Buffalo Bills come to play football, and it just so happened today that I had 75 drops in the game," he said during the press conference. Actually, according to stats from the day, it was five drops, not 75. And while former NFL receiver Cris Carter blamed him for poor preparation earlier in the week, ESPN writer Tim Graham noted that on a 31-degree day Johnson exited the team facility wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt but "on this day, though, Johnson couldn't catch a cold."

That's, well, cold.

But on the other hand, the only way to explain the Bills' misfortune is to say that divine intervention has something to do with it. From 1991-1994 the Bills made four consecutive Super Bowl appearance only to lose every single on of them. And just last week, Johnson caught three touchdowns in one game. His hands had never been a problem.

Until Sunday, on a wide-open play, with the game on the line.

It makes you wonder.

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