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The Spiders Know: Gibbs Has Arachnid Encounter


“Let me know if there’s a bigger one behind me.”


The eight-legged beast first appeared as MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked if comments made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell could affect the debate on tax cuts. As Gibbs got distracted by the arachnid, one reporter suggested that he kill it.

Appearing shocked, Gibbs whispered loudly, “Let me know if there’s a bigger one behind me.”

He then incorporated his guest’s appearance into his answer, dismissing McConnell’s comments and saying they didn’t puncture President Obama’s talks with Republicans on Tuesday.

“You totally brush it off?” Todd asked.

Gibbs replied, “Much like the spider.”

Politico also notes:

About 15 minutes later, reporters noticed the creeper crawling by Gibbs’s foot and urged him to squash it. “I think it's the same very active spider,” Gibbs said. “Let's just say, if my ankle's this big tomorrow, you'll know ...”

Staring at it, Gibbs said, “Kill that spider. ... Here he comes.”

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