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1944 Packers contract: When players were offered $150/game


This is for all you football fans out there.

My Dad sent this to me a couple weeks ago, and I've been waiting to post it until its authenticity was verified. Now, I think it has been.

Below is a 1944 Packers contract. The Packers were offering Mr. Ed here $150/game, with the possibility of more if he met some incentives. Unheard of nowadays. In light of a potential lockout, I think a lot of people would benefit from reading this. Read it -- pass it on.

According to this, it has been confirmed as legitimate by the Packers Hall of Fame:

Packer Contract

Now for you history buffs. You'll notice a discrepancy in the letterhead: "Curly" is spelled C-U-R-L-E-Y. As a devout Packers fan, I've only ever seen it spelled without the "e" (which is how he signs it, too). This guy gives a possible explanation, as well as reveals an astonishing find: Ed apparently never signed the contract.

Maybe he was holding out for more, but I doubt it. Click the link above for more.

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