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Updated: CNN Airs 'Dumb and Dumber' Diarrhea Scene...Why?


"We didn't just put that on TV, did we?"

This really happened. I have a feeling it will go viral very soon:

(H/T: Greg Hengler)

Updated: After we posted the original version of the video above, our friends at Mediaite (while giving The Blaze a welcome Hat Tip) looked at the section of the CNN program in question. The longer version below makes it clear that the CNN team played the clip just as they intended!

Imagine being a CNN producer. You’ve got an upcoming medical segment on an unusual treatment for a man’s digestive disease. An illness, that CNN anchor Ali Velshi will tell you in the story’s intro, involves “ten to fifteen bloody bowel movements a day.”

Already, we’re clearly in comedic territory, right? After all, what’s funnier than ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease? Just you wait!

Well, in this case, since it involves the schoolyard comedy gold mine that is digestion, somebody at CNN figured it’d be a downright hoot to start the segment with a clip from the film Dumb and Dumber, showing Jeff Daniels graphically suffering from a sudden bout of diarrhea. And naturally, we’ll make sure you can hear the hilarious sounds of bowl-filling.

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