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CNN Host Blasts Beck Over Muslim Terrorist Count


"It is total nonsense."

Fareed Zakaria hosts the "GPS" program on CNN.   This weekend he is taking on Glenn Beck over the number of Muslim terrorists in the world.  He's even using a chalkboard!

Partial transcript via Examiner:

"And this guy cited some polls to support the claim that many in the Muslim world don't like us and wish us harm. Uhh, yes, many of us have been pointing that out for over a decade now ... But hating America is not the same thing as being a terrorist.

"Believe me, if we had one hundred and fifty seven million Muslim terrorists active across the world, we would be hearing more about it."

Zakaria may have missed Beck producer Stu Burguiere's analysis of the numbers earlier this.  One report called this analysis  a "retort" to Zakaria, but it was posted on (and prominently crossed linked at The Blaze) six days ago.

Burguiere begins with the number one definition of "terrorist" on

1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

To read the rest of the analysis click here.

And last night Burguiere posted a response on The Blaze Blog to the Zakaria attack, saying his "GPS fails him spectacularly."  You can read that here.

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