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New Game Idea Remixes Old Favorites


"the kit can turn Monopoly into a family poker tournament"

Love Monopoly but don't have the time for a full game? Like Clue but hate Colonel Mustard? Enjoy Scrabble but sick of Grandma always winning? Well, a new game has taken some of your old favorites and reinvented them.

BoingBoing explains:

[T]he game designers at Hide&Seek set about to create a whole book's worth of variant rulesets and tweaks that use some or all of the pieces from some or all of the games. After exhaustive playtesting, they've arrived at a set of games that are insanely fun to play, treating the wicked bits and pieces (all those green houses, exciting little murder weapons, handy letter-tiles, question cards and pie-wedges) as infrastructure on which new, better games may be built.

According to the game's website, the kit includes 25 new games using many of the boards and pieces you may already have.

"As well as smoothing out or speeding up a standard game, the kit can turn Monopoly into a family poker tournament, Trivial Pursuit into a surrealist parlor game, Scrabble into fight between a wasp and a robot, and [Clue] into a zombie invasion," the site says.

Currently, the kit can be downloaded as an e-book for about $4 dollars (sold in British Pounds). It is also available in a card format (for about $24) and i-Phone ap (about $5), and will soon be available in physical paperback.

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