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Epiphany? Arianna Huffington Bashes Obama for Saying One Thing and Doing Another


"this is a pattern"

For a small moment on this morning's "Morning Joe," Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington echoed a common conservative prediction over the last two years: President Obama says, or promises, one thing and does another.

That prediction was especially true when, after the 2008 election, many conservatives predicted all the "change" promised by Obama would be hard to deliver. It seems liberals are now understanding that's the case. Huffington aired her grievances today, saying that Obama has fallen into a "pattern" of saying one thing and doing another.

"He proposed and accepted something he's been opposing for years," she said:

While Arianna does seem to echo a conservative critique, what she and many liberals fail to understand is a) no one is cutting taxes, and b) Obama actually did fulfill his promise to extend tax rates for the "middle class."

Maybe it's not a big epiphany after all.

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