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Confirmed: Steele WILL Run for RNC Re-Election



It's official: Reigning chairman Michael Steele has confirmed he will seek a second term as head of the RNC. His secrecy regarding plans to throw his hat in the ring have reportedly given him time to "flush out" competitors for the post. The official word came from Steele himself during a 7:30 p.m. ET conference call with RNC members.


On Monday morning, Fox News Channel was reporting that sources had confirmed the embattled RNC chairman would not be seeking re-election in January. But by Monday afternoon, FNC host Neil Cavuto walked back that initial report, stating that Steele would indeed be running for a second term:

Regardless of what unconfirmed reports say, Steele will likely announce his final decision during a Monday evening conference call with various party leaders. The AP reports:

Publicly, Steele has defended himself while criticism mounted of his stewardship of the party's national operations. Privately, he has been weighing whether to seek a second term.

He sent an e-mail late Saturday to committee members asking them to join him on a private conference call late Monday. He didn't disclose the subject matter. But GOP officials expect that he may announce whether he will run for re-election.

Republican insiders privately speculate that Steele will bow out of the race.

But the chairman is extraordinarily unpredictable.

Ha.  No kidding.

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