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He's a Bastard': Teachers Caught on Video Bashing Chris Christie


"bastard, "nut," "liar," "anti-education," -- "we hate him"

Conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe has released another installment in his "Teachers' Unions Gone Wild" series. The latest is billed as a Christmas special, and features an undercover videographer posing as a teacher and asking educators what they think of NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

The video shows the educators, as well as education workers, calling Christie a "bastard, "nut," "liar," "anti-education," and one tacher going as far as to say "we hate him."

Almost unbelievably, it also features one education worker admitting that she's a little afraid to call Christie names because of O'Keefe's recent undercover work:

“Once again, the NJEA has shown that it knows no limits when it comes to protecting tenured teachers,” O'Keefe said in a statement on his website. “But to protect someone they think is a teacher from prosecution for touching children in an inappropriate manner takes things to a whole new level.”

O'Keefe's statement refers to his undercover investigator Christopher Heneghan's conversations with educators and union officials in the video about fake charges of "kiddie fiddling." In the video, he seems to get advice and support from those officials.

Christie has been an outspoken advocate for education reform, including tougher standards for teachers and increased accountability and transparency.

“I don’t believe, in this country, that anybody should be guaranteed a job for life after three years,” Christie said last week, according to O'Keefe's statement. “I don’t think if you talk with the public about that that they would endorse this idea for a second. I personally believe that tenure, as it is constituted now in NJ, is an absolutely failed and antiquated system which needs to be substantially reformed or eliminated.”

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